BD Performance Means Quality

You've heard the name before and know it's one of the best in the business. BD performance and Edge diesel parts are creative and in demand. Use a toggle switch with the top speed eliminator to define whether you're in street or race mode. How about exhaust brakes, enhancement injectors, fuel plates and so much more? Gillett offers parts from only the top manufacturers.

If you have a motor home with a Cummins engine, you too will want to explore the possibilities brought to you with the addition of exhaust brakes. The device helps with engine breaking, even on the steepest grades which will go far in saving wear and tear on you factory brakes. Also take a moment and explore our diesel fuel injection pumps.

Installing a Diesel Tuner

Diesel TunerThe BD enhancer can produce up to 130 hp and 250 lb/feet of torque. We're speaking of a diesel tuner with all the "bells and whistles" for extraordinary power. Installation does not require you to climb under the hood, get greasy or get an aching back. Our BD diesel tuner plugs right into the OBD-II port under the steering column. You can get faster warm up with its ability to turn PTO mode on and off, as well as working and stacking with other BD diesel performance parts and enhancements. The convenience factor alone makes this worthwhile.

Diesel Performance Parts

With so many opportunities to upgrade and enhance your vehicle, which product is best for you may pose a problem. At Gillett, we're here to remind you that we enjoy helping customers based on their needs and expectations. Diesel performance parts are our business and we will match you to one that won't break the budget. We will offer a great warrantee and can even install it for you or explain how. That's Gillett and BD performance.