GDS Fuel Pressure Spring
GDS Fuel Pressure Spring

GDS Fuel Pressure Spring

1998-2007 Ford 7.3L & 6.0L Powerstroke High Performance Fuel Spring
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   Now let’s look at a simple and cheap upgrade that is often overlooked when adding performance upgrades, the fuel pressure spring. The stock fuel pressure spring runs about 60-80psi of fuel pressure, give or take some depending how long it has been run and the condition of the pump. This may be sufficient for a stock motor, but on stock applications looking for better performance and especially if any performance upgrades have been added, an increase in fuel pressure can add both power and drivability. This power is noticeable mostly at the bottom end, and right off the line where fuel pressure is at its lowest.

   The GDS Fuel Pressure Spring differs from the stock spring in two ways. The first is in fuel pressure. It raises fuel pressure from the stock 60-80psi which usually comes out to be about 65psi, up to 90-110psi which usually comes out to be about 95psi. The second difference in the GDS and stock spring is in pressure loss due to cyclic fatigue. The stock spring loses about 25% of its spring tension in 10,000 cycles. The GDS spring loses about 1% to 5% of its spring tension in 1,000,000 cycles. Not bad for a $20.00 upgrade that can be installed in 15 minutes!

   Installation is simple and requires no special tools (except for a T-27 torques bit). You simply remove the pump cover pieces, and then remove the two T-27 torques screws on the driver’s side of the pump. Carefully separate the line from the pump and remove the spring (careful not to lose or damage the o-ring seal). Install the new spring making sure it seats properly, and button it back together; once again making sure that the o-ring gets or stays in its proper place.

   This fix will permanently optimize fuel pressure the right way, and prevent the need for trying to achieve the same results by using potentially damaging and leak-causing shimming of the weak stock spring.
See Technical Information page for Installation Instructions and images.

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best upgrade ever
jordan tyler (south central ky) 7/27/2017 1:32 PM
my truck is a 1999 f250 with 7.3 with 6 speed manual i bought it in 2015 so i don't know what is done internally but this truck ant no slouch i know the truck has 4 inch exhaust straight piped big kn air filter beans diesel compressor wheel and billet waste gate actuator before i installed this spring my truck ran good like 35 psi boost at wot now and got 22 mpg hwy after this spring i have better throttle response and now im running 45 to 50 psi boost at wot witch i don't recommend doing a a lot of that on stock motor this spring is getting me more power with lower egt too i recommend this to anyone with 7,3 that's looking for lil better performance
greay product really helped
jared (houston ) 7/5/2014 12:59 PM
Took 10 mins to install on my 2000 f350. My fuel pressure was around 50 to 60 psi and the spring brought it to around 95 and it gives me alot more low end and med range power. Definitely worth the 20$. I would reccomend to anyone. Great buy.
Noticable difference
Spencer Uhl (Twin Falls, Idaho) 8/23/2013 3:05 PM
Ordered this spring off their Ebay Store. Fast shipping though I am only a couple hundred miles away. Took an afternoon to do the spring, oil change and EGR cleaning. Noticed right away the truck idles a bit quieter. There is a noticeable difference in take off throttle. I can tell I don't have to use as much throttle to leave a stop sign. Also noticing a difference in average miles per gallon of 1-2 mpg. Not sure if this is the higher fuel pressure or the different oil I'm using. This is a good start as I'm getting ready to do the EGR delete and and a cold air intake and straight exhaust.
jason porter (las vegas nv) 4/25/2013 1:36 PM
The new fuel spring helped my truck so much, lots of bottom end torque gained and quicker spool. 99 7.3l straight pipe k&n intake ts performance chip with swamps tune 310, 000 miles and still pulling trailers
Dumb@ss Detection Services
Joe (Shmoe) 8/13/2012 6:55 PM
Not real sure what "Michigan" is complaining about? Was there a point to your response or were you just rambling on like an idiot??? Pretty sure the latter... GDS has some great products and there service is excellent. Sooo BASICALLY this guy doesn't know what he's talking about and wants some crap numbers cause him thinks he's a mechanic. If it didn't work or hurt any of your components I'm pretty sure they a) wouldn't sell it...and b) wouldn't have sold them without a ton of complaints. These springs are a common mod and sold by just about every diesel performance retailer...