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Bully Dog was formed in 1998 in Aberdeen, Idaho. The founders of Bully Dog – Michael, Phillip, and Daryl Klassen --were heavily influenced by their father Harold's interest in improving vehicle performance. Several years prior to the company's inception, Harold had experimented with increasing performance on his diesel farm tractor by injecting propane into the engine's combustion chamber. In 1998, Bully Dog's owners took this concept and developed and patented a safe and effective propane injection system to enhance diesel engine performance. These systems were first sold out of their farm shop, but as demand increased, the owners moved the company to another location and officially organized Bully Dog. Bully Dog's quest was now to be recognized as the leader in the diesel performance industry, which motivated us to stay abreast of new technology in this industry. With the introduction of electronic components and software to improve performance, we began to research new types of products like intake and exhaust systems to complement our electronic components. Bully Dog was now able to offer a complete performance package.  In 2005, the company expanded its range of products to include performance products for gasoline powered vehicles.
In early 2014, Bully Dog and SCT merged. From the merger, we establishedDerive Systemsto combine the market leading technologies and resources of the SCT and Bully Dog brands in order to offer our customers an unparalleled software solution to improve vehicle performance and the overall driving experience. The SCT and Bully Dog brands will continue to be used in the market, with the added benefit that both brands are now able to leverage the power of Derive to offer customers unmatched tuning solutions with the greatest number of features across the widest range of vehicles in the market.

The Products

Bully Dog products are developed with you in mind and each of you has a different need, want and desire. Our products, all the way back to the first propane kits, reflect that. Bully Dog products are built to be flexible, allowing each user to get their own desired result, from outrageous performance on the race track to improved fuel economy driving down the highway. Bully Dog products have you covered with increased performance, added safety and improved economy. This is evident with the Triple Dog™ GT line of product for gas and diesel vehicles,  the Performance Management Tool and our new line of big rig and industrial products.

Product Development

Each Bully Dog product is built to ensure that it consistently meets and exceeds expectations, yours and ours. Each product goes through an in-depth research and development process (R&D) followed by a grueling development procedure that is carried out by a staff of the best engineers in the world. Once designed, each product is put through months of real world testing. This testing is performed across the United States so that Bully Dog can be sure that each product works correctly and flawlessly in various elevations, weather conditions and driving situations from towing a heavy load to racing down the track.


Product innovation is key and Bully Dog takes innovation very seriously. In the past 12 years, Bully Dog has been first to market with vehicle-specific products and applications over 100 times while also being awarded many awards for our revolutionary products. And in 2005, with the release of the Triple Dog™ Downloader and Outlook™ Monitor, Bully Dog revolutionized the market with the ability to adjust power, safety and economy levels on-the-fly while driving down the road. Then in 2008 with the Triple Dog™ Gauge Tuner, we were able to combine a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge and diagnostic device all in a single unit. The GT monitors and displays over fifteen different vehicle parameters (PIDs) and it includes our all new Driving Coach feature which teaches end users to maximize their vehicles fuel economy potential. The GT performs vehicle diagnostics by reading and erasing diagnostic trouble codes; this level of vehicle transparency isn't offered by any OEM or by any ot her aftermarket product. Also included is our performance testing feature designed to test a vehicles' performance capability on the drag strip; couple this with our free PC analysis software and users can also determine vehicle horsepower. The GT does it all and it works on the largest range of gasoline powered vehicles; in fact the GT works on eight different vehicle makes and over 50 different models. The WatchDog™ was introduced in 2009 and works on all 1996 and later vehicles with an OBDII port common to North America. The WatchDog™ serves as a digital gauge/monitor and features a valuable Driving Coach for gas and diesel powered vehicles. It features the ability to monitor over 20 vehicle parameters all while you receive valuable driving suggestions from the Driving Coach to maximize fuel economy.

Mission Statement

Bully Dog Technologies, LLC is a team built on integrity that is dedicated to leading the vehicle performance industry with an uncompromising code of ethics demonstrated in the soundness of its employees, excellent customer service and superior products.
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A-Pillar Pod Mount '03-'09 Dodge Ram (32303)
MSRP $79.99
Price $75.99
You Save $4.00
A-Pillar Pod Mount '03-'09 Dodge Ram (32303) - More Info
A-Pillar Pod Mount 07.5'-12' GM w/ speaker (33307)
MSRP $79.99
Price $75.99
You Save $4.00
A-Pillar Pod Mount 07.5'-12' GM w/ speaker (33307) - More Info
A-Pillar Pod Mount Dodge Ram 10'-15' 1500-3500 (32304)
MSRP $79.99
Price $75.99
You Save $4.00
A-Pillar Pod Mount Dodge Ram 10'-15' 1500-3500 (32304) - More Info
A-Pillar Pod Mount Ford 2011+ (31304)
MSRP $79.99
Price $75.99
You Save $4.00
A-Pillar Pod Mount Ford 2011+ (31304) - More Info
A-Pillar Pod PMT Mount Ford '03-'07 (31302)
MSRP $79.99
Price $75.99
You Save $4.00
A-Pillar Pod PMT Mount Ford '03-'07 (31302) - More Info
Bully Dog Pod Adapter- Dodge, Ford, GM (30420)
MSRP $14.99
Price $12.99
You Save $2.00
Bully Dog Pod Adapter- Dodge, Ford, GM (30420) - More Info
Dash Pod Mount Ford 6.4L '08-'10 & 6.7L '11-'12 (31303)
MSRP $79.99
Price $75.99
You Save $4.00
Dash Pod Mount Ford 6.4L '08-'10 & 6.7L '11-'12 (31303) - More Info
enclosed pyrometer probe (40391)
MSRP $53.99
Price $50.00
You Save $3.99
enclosed pyrometer probe (40391) - More Info
GT Platinum Gas (40417)
MSRP $499.00
Price $429.00
You Save $70.00
GT Platinum Gas (40417) - More Info