EGR Cooler Delete Kit Ford Powerstroke 6.0L


Get your GDS 6.0L EGR Cololer Kit Here or EGR Cooler Kit with Up Pipe

1. Disconnect batteries (Make sure you un-install any programs, if any, from your PCM)

2. Loosen coolant bottle and tie to the side.

3. Remove air cleaner assembly. It is easiest to loosen the band clamp at the turbo and un-plug the air minder, mass-air and intake air sensor. Now you can remove the whole air cleaner assembly as one piece.

4. Remove FICM module and brackets on left valve cover.

5. Remove turbo intake tubes.

6. Drain coolant.

7. Remove turbo.

8. Remove turbo pedestal mounting bracket (4 bolts).

9. Remove the EGR valve and clean.

10. Remove fan shroud. The top belt guard only.

11. Remove alternator.

12. Remove the injector harness.

13. Un-plug the engine harness and tie it up to the hood.

14. Remove the intake manifold. Clean the intake and remove all carbon buildup.

15. Remove the EGR cooler. Twist blue hose to line up release tab and pull to remove.

16. Install the round plug in the turbo feed pipe with the new gasket and the old clamp.

17. Install a new oring on the EGR cooler bypass tube. Install the tube in the bottom of the intake with the new bracket block off plate combo. Use a new gasket under the bracket.

18. Install intake manifold with new gaskets tighten front to back 50 in. lb. then 100 in. lb.

19. Install turbo pedestal mounting bracket 23 ft. lb.

20. Install turbo drain tube with new o-rings.

21. Plug in engine harness.

22. Install injector harness.

23. Install turbo and make sure all pipes line up, with clamps on before tightening down to base. Pedestal mounting bracket (3 bolts) 18 ft. lb.

24. Install alternator, fan shroud, intake tubes, FICM etc.

25. Install coolant bottle and fill with coolant.

26. Install air cleaner assy.

27. Reconnect batteries.

28. Start and check for leaks.

29. Test drive and recheck coolant level.



You will need to remove the passenger side up pipe by removing the 2 bolts from the exhaust manifold and removing the 2 bolts from the “Y” collector. Install new up pipe and use a new gasket (included) on the “Y” pipe side.

Please note that installing this System on a vehicle designated for the street is illegal and in violation of the EPA and other federal laws.


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