AirAid Air Intake System- Dodge (300-139)

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1994-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins- Airaid Quick Fit Intake System

AIRAID Intake System; QuickFit System Type; w/o Intake Tube; Installs In 30 Minutes;

2002  DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L1998  DODGE RAM 3500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L2002  DODGE RAM 3500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L1997  DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L2001  DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L1997  DODGE RAM 3500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L2001  DODGE RAM 3500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L1996  DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L2000  DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L1996  DODGE RAM 3500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L2000  DODGE RAM 3500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L1995  DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L1999  DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L1995  DODGE RAM 3500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L1999  DODGE RAM 3500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L1994  DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L 1998  DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 
L6 5.9L 1994  DODGE RAM 3500 PICKUP

AIRAID® Intake Systems are computer designed to give your engine maximum air flow, which means more horsepower, torque and improved fuel efficiency. Every AIRAID® intake system is dyno tested and tuned to provide maximum performance and efficiency. By utilizing computer-aided design, AIRAID® Intake Systems offer unmatched fit, finish and lifetime warranty. Each AIRAID® intake provides superior air filtration, since it comes with an AIRAID® Premium Filter featuring our exclusive SynthaFlow® Technology.

All AIRAID® Premium Filters use a synthetic filtration media called SynthaFlow®. SynthaFlow® is a synthetic nano-fiber material that traps the smallest dirt particles that ordinary cotton-gauze “performance” filters can’t capture. Based on SAE standards, AIRAID® Premium Filters, with SynthaFlow®, capture almost twice the percentage of 2 micron particulates, and more than six times the amount of 0.5 micron particulates than our competitors’ filters.

AIRAID® Premium Filters are constructed using the finest materials available today. All AIRAID® Premium Filters utilize a hand-poured urethane body that won’t crack, curl or shrink like other rubber or plastisol units used by our competitors. Filtration performance is second to none, and at No Extra Cost, thanks to the combination of our proprietary SynthaFlow® material and multiple cotton gauze layers. All AIRAID® Premium Filters are 100% washable, reusable and feature our Lifetime “No-Hassle” Warranty.

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